Marian Eile

Marian Eile commemorative plaque, photo by Zygmunt Put.

Marian Eile

Thoughts of big people, average people and Fafik the dog

All the thoughts/citations selected here are authored by the Rojek Brothers
Translated by Dorota Majda
One cannot do anything solid within a week, in six days. See: the world.
Many commas pretend to be periods.
In our times, it is only a sardine that can afford the luxury of not having a head.
Go see a doctor, let him examine how much melancholy your body can handle.
A man is like a heron: he has his legs in mud and little joy.
There is no cure for a runny nose and for falling in love.
Someone else’s always seems prettier than your own.
If a single man empties an ashtray of cigarette butts, and some are pinkish at ends, he shouldn’t be complaining about life.
Organizing a funeral is such a hassle here that you don’t want to die anymore.
Life is like a fatty broth: there are so many eyes of fat looking at you without a blink. Beware!
Life is like a lemon: you squeeze it – you only get the sourness, you don’t – it won’t get any sweeter.
It’s not true that you get turbid tea at our pastry shops. The glasses are simply dirty.
God created weather so that people can have something to talk about.
There are two bottomless things: stupidity and a suitcase, if you treat it nicely when packing.
DISCUSSION is possible only among people who have the same opinions.
REMEMBER that you should apologize to a man if you were wrong; to a woman – if you were right.
HIEROGLYPHS are to be looked at. If you want to read, go and buy a book.
All the thoughts/citations selected here are authored by the Rojek Brothers
Translated by Dorota Majda

Marian Eile

(1910-1984) – a journalist, editor and satirist, the founder and managing editor of Przekrój.

He was born in Lviv, studied law at the University of Warsaw and then worked in Wiadomości Literackie. After World War II, he settled in Krakow.

Przekrój – the magazine in which Eile was the managing editor till 1969 – was a popular cultural weekly presenting Western cultural phenomena, modern art and other similar issues. In the peak period of its popularity, the circulation of the magazine reached 700,000 copies. Among the authors who collaborated with Przekrój there were Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, Ludwik Jerzy Kern and Sławomir Mrożek.

After 1968, Eile left for France in order to protest against the Polish government's anti-Semitic policy. He returned to Poland in 1970 and collaborated, among others, with the satirical magazine Szpilki.

He was the author of a cycle entitled “Myśli ludzi wielkich, średnich oraz psa Fafika” [“The thoughts of great and average people and a dog called Fafik"]. He wrote under many aliases, such as Makaryn z Cedetu, Krecia Pataczkówna, Bracia Rojek, Lord Gallux, Martin Nabiałek, mgr Kawusia, Salami Kożerski.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow (MoCAK) has a rich collection of graphic and photographic works of this famous editor.

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