Brat Stanisław

Brat Stanisław

On the resurrection of a horse

Read by Wojciech Barczyński, recorded by Radiofonia Association.
English translation: Maciej Szuba

There was a burgher of Cracow by the name of Mirosław, who had a horse that won bread and cloth for him and his wife. The horse, having once worked the whole day on a steep hillside, returned to the stable where it fell ill, and so its life came to the end. When Mirosław and his wife Magdalena saw this, they moaned and tore their hair out, crying: “What shall we do now, as gone is our wealth?”

As they cried, there came their neighbour Dobiesław, who said: ‘Do not bemoan the death of your horse, but make a vow to Saint Hyacinth, for he will comfort you.’ Having heard that, Mirosław ran quickly to the grave of Saint Hyacinth in the Dominican Church, and prayed with tears in his eyes: ‘Saint Hyacinth, behold my tears and my misery and give me my horse back, and I vow to fast on bread and water each Wednesday a whole year long’. Just as he made the vow, there came his wife in great haste and told him, as she was full of joy: ‘Mirosław, my husband dear! Our horse, that was dead, rose again thanks to Saint Hyacinth. Stand up and come to see the miracle that God bestowed upon us today!’ Mirosław rose from his knees and, giving thanks to God, found his horse in good health, brought back to life by Saint Hyacinth.

The burghers of Cracow were there to witness the resurrection: Dobiesław and Zdzisław, Zdzisław’s wife Dobka, Bogumiła and many others worthy of trust, who told about the resurrection in the presence of Brother Klemens, lector of Cracow, and Brother Przybysław, a sacristan. Anno Domini 1290, on the day after Saint Michael’s feast.

English translation: Maciej Szuba

Brat Stanisław

(14th c.) was a reader at the Dominican Monastery in Krakow. Around 1352, he wrote the Latin life of St Jacek Odrowąż (St Hyacinth of Poland, 1183–1257) O życiu i cudach świętego Jacka(On the life and miracles of St Hyacinth). St Hyacintth established a monastery in Krakow in 1222 and became its first prior. After his death, the saint was chosen for one of the patrons of Krakow. His life is an account of numerous miracles that the people of Krakow experienced praying at his grave. (jn)

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