Ewa Lipska

Ewa Lipska with Poetic Intercom, Nowa Prowincja, Bracka street - photo by Jan Graczyński

Ewa Lipska

A new planet

Read by Marta Meissner, recorded by Radiofonia Association
English translation: Barbara Bogoczek & Tony Howard

Dear Frau Schubert, I promise, I shall find a new planet upon which I shall print your heart. I’ve commissioned several prophets, upon whom I rely. As you know, everything that is impossible is suitable for life.

English translation: Barbara Bogoczek & Tony Howard

Ewa Lipska

(b. 1945) – a poet, one of the most eminent representatives of the New Wave. Besides poetry, involved also in painting (a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow). Had her poetic début in 1967 with a volume entitled Wiersze (Poems). Selections of her works have been published in over 40 foreign-language editions, and Lipska’s book Ja (I) found itself among the Nike Literary Award finalists. A resident of Krakow, she is hard to find in the city’s cafés, Nicknamed the most easily disappearing person in the world. Rumoured always to carry “a weapon” (i.e. a pencil) on her. (ms)


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