Katarzyna Bazarnik

Photo by Dante Fajfer

Katarzyna Bazarnik


Read by Katarzyna Bazarnik

it shivers in the air, I feel it hovering in space

   it is inside me, sensed under my skin


it is what I feel at my fingertips, so close at hand

   it is elusive, between the tear and the breath

     it is that which cannot be expressed


Katarzyna Bazarnik

Co-author of liberatura books, theorist of literature, translator, and Joyce scholar, an assistant professor at the Institute of English Philology of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, and a lecturer in the postgraduate programme for Literary Translation, where she runs translation workshops. Together with Zenon Fajfer she wrote the first books to be called liberature: a triple-volume Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late, prototype edition 2000, 1st ed. 2009) and (O)patrzenie (Ga(u)ze, 2003), which initiated “Liberatura” series of Korporacja Ha!art Publishing House, which they coedit. They also published Sonnet of Sonnets (2012), devised together with students of the MA Programme in Creative Writing and Bookmaking in Mills College, Oakland, CA. In 2002 Bazarnik and Fajfer founded Liberature Reading Room (now located in Malopolski Garden of Arts of the Małopolska Province Library in Kraków). She published a monograph Joyce and Liberature (Litteraria Pragensia, 2011), and has edited or co-edited several volumes of essays, including Wokol Jamesa Joyce’a (Around James Joyce, 1998), Od Joyce’a do liberatury (From Joyce to Liberature, 2002), James Joyce and After. Writer and Time (2010) and two monograph issues of a translation journal Literatura na Świecie (Literatures of the World) devoted to James Joyce (2004) and B.S. Johnson (2008). Her translation of B.S Johnson’s The Unfortunates was awarded at the Wrocław Good Books Fair in 2008. Her theoretical work on liberature as a new literary genre integrating the verbal content with the material shape of the book introduced the concept to the academic world in the UK, Ireland, France, Japan, Taiwan and the USA.
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