Piotr Macierzyński

Photo from the archives of the author.

Piotr Macierzyński

Scrambled Eggs in Frosty Weather

Read by Wojciech Barczyński, recorded by Radiofonia Association.
English translation: Jakub Gogola
Oh truly blessed is the lover
When he sits humbly at her feet
Reading poetry while the other
Thoughtfully listens to him read
Oh truly blessed... even though she
Is usually absent mentally.

Alexander Pushkin, Eugene Onegin

I regret kissing you
only twice
if I had kissed you three times or four
there would be more kissing now
to reminisce about

I have recently printed poetry in purple
since a Hewlett-Packard black ink cartridge costs as much
as one and a half litre of vodka at a Kazimierz pub
the choice seems obvious to me

Helena used to tell us
how instead of going to school she learnt
to smoke cigarettes in Krasnoyarsk
how to scramble eggs in frosty weather
how she bought blue electrocuted chickens
how Tishka the rabbit frolicked sweetly before frost came
and Helenka’s parents gave him a little danse macabre

The less you fall in love with a woman
The more she will like you
explains to me Alexander Pushkin
dear Alexander
if you could see Helena drink vodka
you would fall in love too

after the last drinking binge
Helena declares that she will stay at home
and drink domestically only

Eryk is sleeping
like a log at the “Ha!art” editorial office
with Marcin Ożóg’s poetry books under his head
The little sun has risen late today

Until Eryk came to Poland
he had considered himself a drunkard
in Russia he would pass for a teetotaller

that night Helena admitted to taking
private lessons
in being an angel
she never refuses to drink vodka with me
she reads poetry and is not overly emotional
she can be sincere as my poems
which is why her words hurt sometimes
she understands Polish Russian and even a little American poetry
and we both do not fit
the Catholic vision of the world

I know I will soon overdose
on vitamins by eating strawberries
but I cannot stop
the big ones remind me of Helena’s breasts

Helena I don’t know what’s wrong with me
when I think about Kraków
I think about you
When I don’t think about Kraków girl
I think about you as well.
English translation: Jakub Gogola

Piotr Macierzyński

(born in 1971) poet, lives in Łódź.
He debuted in 1993. Since then, he has published his poems in such magazines as: Tytuł, Ha!art, FA-art, Lampa, Czas Kultury, Opcje, Studium, Akcent, Nowy Wiek and others. He published a few collections of poems, including Danse macabre i inne sposoby spędzania wolnego czasu (2001), tfu, tfu (2004), Odrzuty (2007), Zbiór zadań z chemii i metafizyki (2009), antologia wierszy ss-mańskich (2011), kwik (2013). The majority of them was published by the Krakow publishing house Ha!art.
Macierzyński’s poems have been translated into: Italian, Croat, Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, German, Spanish, Lithuanian, French and Catalan. He has received many literary awards including the Halina Poświatowska Award, the Rafał Wojaczek Award or the Leopold Staff Award.
His poems have been projected in public transport vehicles in Olsztyn. To some of his poems, he records video clips, which can be seen at his website. (mj)

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