Tomasz Pułka

Photo by Ha!art

Tomasz Pułka

Vida local

Read by Piotr Czarnota, recorded by Radiofonia Association
English translation: Jakub Wiśniewski

Then the second tale comes like an arrow, though it was already spoken of in the previous breath (how can I gallery like this?) – Seremetix’s predecessor wasn’t human at all, because Seremetix has only just become human so he couldn’t  have had a tale of the past in self (next). Seremetix grew up in an animal shin, under the hard and heavy armour of skin which he couldn’t shed troughout his entire mature “life”. It could defend itself with a lamb or a string of lights overhead, those that shine when the night comes and we are to pray, pray like in a masonic lodge – oh, such beautiful ornaments! Oh, long and superficial passages of warmth! If I wanted to tell you about Seremetix, we (me and lumber) should get to know him. Let’s do it the way (chemo is a tiny signature! It’s a bridegroom with a hazy gaze!) Umberto Eco saw the cathedral’s door in reality: a divided photograph, seperated in two, posted on a social network, bearing traces of machining: that’s how really Seremetix sees his “self” entering his mind’s lift and getting to the fifth floor where Gods left him the Bride of Sepia and Bicycle, Angelic S. – in the presence of a table says it Seremetix. But it can be done another way, looking under the pantyliner – there’s a bloody line of Freedom Dragon, his forest where he suffered, died and was buried. Let’s take a look at the characters then. Let’s see his Appearanceship, his Tinylittle Piece of Balcony. Be our Croton, oh Seremetix; ain’t You gonna tell us...


English translation: Jakub Wiśniewski

Tomasz Pułka

(1988–2012) – a poet, student of Polish Philology at the Jagiellonian University. One of the authors of Cichy Nabiau artblog and a member of Perfokarta group writing cyber poetry. In his lifetime, published four volumes of poetry, while Vida local, a volume of poetic prose that Pułka worked on for four years (2007–2011) was published posthumously. Besides Witkacy, he has been considered the most eminent Polish author of drug literature. He recommended to read his works in altered states of conscience, and wrote a series devoted to drugs Z dragami wśród siebie. Wykłady z narkonautyki, (With Drugs Around Yourself. Lectures in Narconautics) and openly admitted to using various, mostly psychedelic, substances. Died in a tragic accident on 9th July 2012. (ms)
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