Zenon Fajfer

Photo by Dante Fajfer

Zenon Fajfer

Marvelous Morning

Read by Peter Waugh

Translated by Katarzyna Bazarnik 

but if we get a chance to drop by here once more
well, you see we may
I don’t know who you will be or who I will be

maybe a pony-tail of an unpredictable comet
crying gently on your breast

or a pair of impatient hands
dreaming under a cinnamon bench
about their final exams

or else a tactfully mediated gaze
of a slightly older professor peeping into
a slightly younger student’s notes
a garden of glittering green ink

or maybe we will be a dance of newly married blackbirds
feeding on flowers sitting on a maple leaf
in a green moment among high meadows
we will let the leaf go free like a mad kite

but even if I am
a ballet of pigeons unraveling in the sky
and you dressing my broken wing
with a lifted eyelid

or even if you are
conversely a silver swallow from the river water
circulating over my bent chitinous
neck lowered under the burden of pollen and sawdust
carried from the slaughter

even then even then I am certain
I won’t be able to take my eyes off you
raising my head up high
over the heads of grass and dandelions

just like now

Translated by Katarzyna Bazarnik 


Zenon Fajfer

(1970), a Polish poet, playwright, creator and theoretician of liberature, a new literary genre which embraces works that integrate the word with unconventional shapes of the book. He introduced into poetry an original, interactive form called “the emanational poem,” in which he simultaneously creates invisible, dimensions of text. He also uses the new media, creating his own version of kinetic poems and hypertextual poetry. Co-author, with Katarzyna Bazarnik, of books initiating the phenomenon of liberature: a triptych Oka-leczenie (Mute-I-Late, 2000, 2009) and (O)patrzenie (Ga(u)ze, 2003) and a poetic happening Liberty Poem (New York, Chicago, Taipei, Tokyo, 2011); the author of the poem-in-a-bottle Spoglądając Przez Ozonową Dziurę (Detect Ozone Whole Nearby, 2004), a bilingual multimedia poetry volume dwadzieścia jeden liter/ten letters (2010), Liberature or Total Literature. Collected Essays 1999-2009 (2010), Pieta, a drama which he staged and directed in Łaźnia Nowa Theatre (Kraków, 2006, 2012), and a hypertextual volume of emanational poetry Powieki (Eyelids, 2013). He has just finished work on a new collection of poems called Widok z głębokiej wieży (A View from the Deep Tower). He has presented his works in many countries, including the USA, Japan, Taiwan, the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy.
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